What is the meaning? Are digital stories the answer?

I am including a video with Jo Lambert speaking about the structure and purpose of the Story video. During this video he essentially provides a digital story mini lesson. He explicates the purpose, shows an exemplar, and then unpacks the process in action through the exemplar.

My second video is pulled from you tube after searching up the word grandma. It has two young ladies blogging about grandma. However, it seems like an in-process experimental piece about making a blog especially in terms of the technology as they press buttons on the screen and discover new options at the same time they are sending an implied message of frustration with their grandmother.

At the end of the second excerpt I am left with the question of what was the intended message. Do the young ladies mean what they are saying about their grandmother, or is the content make believe for their structural self-reflexive engagement with creation? Where and what is the meaning? Am I a bad audience member?


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November 19, 2013 · 7:20 pm

One response to “What is the meaning? Are digital stories the answer?

  1. What would Joe Lambert make of the 2nd video. Is it a story? The use of comedy is more important than the structure of the material.

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